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Thanks to FeedPress you have access to advanced statistics to learn more about your readers.

Easily migrate from FeedBurner

With our migration tutorial you will be able to easily transfer your feed to FeedPress without losing any subscriber.

Custom hostname

You can customize the FeedPress feed hostname to transparently provide your feed to your visitors.

White label

FeedPress never appears in your feed or somewhere else. You can leave the service whenever you want.

Social networks publishing

Automatically publish your new entries on your social networks accounts: Twitter, Facebook, App.net.

WordPress extension

Do you have a blog on WordPress? Install the FeedPress plugin to easily setup your feed.

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They like us.

An alternative to FeedBurner that's superior in every way and one that anyone currently on FeedBurner should switch to.

Finally replacing a bunch of FeedBurner feeds with FeedPress. As far as feed services go, it’s pretty damn sexy.

Well, looks like the transition away from FeedBurner to FeedPress was a success [...]. Similar numbers inside of FeedPress to what was in FeedBurner.

Thanks a lot for your support today! You guys are amazing!