Introducing FeedPress

Since October of last year, we’ve helped thousands of bloggers and podcasters track their RSS feed subscribers and deliver their content to numerous social networking platforms that they rely on. We are pleased to now serve more than 30 million requests per month and are trusted by popular sites such as Beautiful Pixels, The Brooks Review, and Mule Radio Syndicate. As we’ve grown, it’s high time we re-launched and re-branded. URI.LV was intended to be a temporary name. It simply does not roll off the tongue easily. Today, we’re exceedingly happy to present to you FeedPress. We have spruced up the website and have given it a responsive design. If you visit your stats page on a smartphone, it should flow nicely. For iOS users, you can tap your bookmark button and add FeedPress to your home screen (it sports a nice Retina ready icon).

Before we launched, we thought about what kind of service we would want to use on our own sites. Not being happy with anything else currently available, we set out to build a publishing tool that made it easy and reliable to track who was paying attention and subscribing to our weblogs. It needed to track data accurately, but also provide built-in hooks for publishing to services like Facebook, Twitter, and We didn’t stop there. From its inception, we also wanted to bake in a way for users to white label and redirect their feed URLs and export their data, without fear of lock-in. Taking this a step further, premium users get access to a full file and JSON API (we made documentation available as well).

We also have made plugins for popular CMS’ such as WordPress, for both easily setting up RSS feed redirects, but also so that you can publish to burgeoning social networking services such as The latest WordPress plugin for features scheduled and per-post publishing controls, and of course native support for link entities. If you haven’t grabbed this plugin yet, make sure you check it out.

If you haven’t yet migrated from your current solution, now is a perfect time to get started! Our business model is quite simple: The goal for us is to have a sustainable and profitable business so that we can continue to grow, build, and maintain an awesome service that we hope will be trusted, depended, and relied upon by content creators across the globe. Anyone can sign-up for free and will receive a ton of great features, however even more awesome awaits if you upgrade to a premium account. Premium accounts feature everything you normally get, in addition to: full JSON and file API access, multiple social network publishing with optional URL shortening, feed refresh times of 20 minutes — even without push, display and click-through tracking, and priority support.

Speaking of priority support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need some help redirecting your current RSS feeds. Whilst we’ve made the process pretty simple, we’re an email away if you need guidance. For those do-it-yourselfers, we now have a knowledge base of great articles which will help answer any questions you may have. If you want to say hi, don’t be a stranger and give us a shout.

FeedPress: Let us handle your RSS feeds.

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