Introducing Dropbox Integration

Often times we build features into FeedPress that we, as users of the app, feel we want to use ourselves. In fact, one of our fundamental beliefs is that we only build things that are truly great and useful to people, who like us, have similar needs.

We also listen to our users very carefully, and acknowledge every piece of feedback — both positive and negative. Serendipitously, things that we implement, more often than not, tend to be features that everyone else enjoys.

Today, we’re announcing a new addition for premium users. Available today, you can connect a Dropbox account to FeedPress. After you authenticate your account, you will be able to receive a daily summary of your RSS feed statistics, formatted in an easy to read plain text file.

Many millions of people around the world are already enjoying the feature rich capabilities of Dropbox. It goes far beyond just a file syncing service, but now offers third parties, such as us, the ability to extend the usefulness of it by integrating it with other apps.

Ultimately, we know some of you many not want to load up your dashboard every day. Sure, we make it easy to access on desktop and mobile devices with our responsive design, but sometimes having a plain text file is simple and is exactly what you want. The most prominent feature we love about plain text, is its ubiquitous and cross-platform nature. You can create a text file on a Mac, and open it up with any text editor on Windows or Linux.

To hook up your Dropbox account to FeedPress today, go into your account settings, and select “Dropbox.” You will be asked to authenticate your account, which will simply ask you to authorize FeedPress so it cna add stuff to Dropbox.

account settings

After you successfully authenticate, you can choose the following four options:

  • Save daily feed summary (text file).
  • Save daily JSON file of RSS readers.
  • Save daily User Agent logs (advanved users — lots of data)
  • Make a daily archive in folders

Dropbox settings

Make sure to update your settings after you select the options you want! Once you do this, a daily feed summary will be added to your Dropbox folder, in the /Apps/FeedPress directory. You’ll end up with a text file that looks something like the screenshot below.

summary text file

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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